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09:14:44 PM Oct 13th 2012
Alright, if you've watched The Avengers, you know that Coulson is killed by Loki. With that in mind, regarding the reveal that the S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot will star him, please hold off on adding Not Quite Dead or He's Just Hiding tropes, because the series may be a prequel.
09:06:51 AM Jan 13th 2013
It's not a prequel. [1]
01:04:34 PM Oct 13th 2012
edited by player2start
I would like to thank whoever started this page for initiating the debrief.
03:53:03 PM Oct 13th 2012
You mean the picture quote?

If that's it? You're welcome.
05:10:06 PM Oct 13th 2012
Actually, I was attempting to make a joke. A running gag seems to be that Coulson is often attempting to debrief * someone, without success. Scrutinizing a character, as we as tropers are doing, seems somewhat similar. So...yeah...just go ahead and ignore me and my delusions of humor.

In any case, Coulson is by far my favorite character in the MCU, so any and all contributions and cotributors are very much appreciated!

05:26:32 PM Oct 13th 2012
Oh yeah. Sorry for the confusion by me.
06:52:34 PM Oct 13th 2012
edited by player2start
You have nothing at all to be sorry for. I pretty much live in the great State of Confusion.