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07:18:17 AM Jan 22nd 2012
edited by Zashi
What if a character is Asexual but also has a Paralyzing Fear Of Sexuality? I don't why, but the description seems to imply that they're mutually exclusive. I reckon it would be kind of rare but not impossible to have both. Thoughts?

Edit: Never mind, I just read it more thoroughly and now I get what the trope is about, more exactly. But still, what would you call it when an Asexual character, due to, say, being abused in the past, has a fear of all things sexual?
11:00:31 AM Apr 23rd 2013
Likely that's more this trope. If it represses there sex drive, it's asexualilty. If it just leaves them afraid of there sex drive, it's this.
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