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06:19:14 AM Mar 6th 2018
Im removing the word "parodic" from the last category as there are both straight examples in that part and parodies in the straight section. Il try to clean it up to the best of my abilities.
12:21:08 PM May 3rd 2015
edited by supergod
"Since The Film of the Book(s), they now even all talk the same." - Is this really true? I'm genuinely curious here. I know that there have been examples of Scottish (or rural E Nglish) accented dwarves before the film, with the dwarf king from the Drizz't books being one such example. Definitely Scottish dwarves in Baldur's Gate as well (along with other accents, granted).
03:35:08 AM Nov 8th 2014
Are you sure Pratchett's dwarves are supposed to be Jewish? They look more like stereotypical Chinese: short, hard-working, famous for their martial prowess, selling their Foreign Queasine everywhere... The ones more likely to be Jewish are golems with their Sabbath.

Is there a Word of God on that?
08:29:22 PM Dec 4th 2015
Jewish and Chinese stereotypes are almost exactly the same, with the exception of the food. So it's really a matter of perspective.
03:49:49 PM Feb 5th 2011
Does anyone know where the "Dwarves are Scottish" trope came from?
10:20:18 AM Feb 12th 2011
Probably because Dwarves tend to be obssessed with wealth and Scots are supposed to be, plus both are stereotypically gruff.
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