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12:21:08 PM May 3rd 2015
"Since The Film of the Book(s), they now even all talk the same." - Is this really true? I'm genuinely curious here. I know that there have been examples of Scottish (or rural E Nglish) accented dwarves before the film, with the dwarf king from the Drizz't books being one such example. I can't remember whether dwarves in video games also spoke with such accents. Can't remember what accents the Baldur's Gate and Arcanum dwarves used. BG II had Scottish dwarves, but that's post-LOTR.
03:35:08 AM Nov 8th 2014
Are you sure Pratchett's dwarves are supposed to be Jewish? They look more like stereotypical Chinese: short, hard-working, famous for their martial prowess, selling their Foreign Queasine everywhere... The ones more likely to be Jewish are golems with their Sabbath.

Is there a Word Of God on that?
08:29:22 PM Dec 4th 2015
Jewish and Chinese stereotypes are almost exactly the same, with the exception of the food. So it's really a matter of perspective.
03:49:49 PM Feb 5th 2011
Does anyone know where the "Dwarves are Scottish" trope came from?
10:20:18 AM Feb 12th 2011
Probably because Dwarves tend to be obssessed with wealth and Scots are supposed to be, plus both are stereotypically gruff.
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