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09:52:51 AM Aug 28th 2016
Would it be alright if I was to add an example in regards to Sonichu, since Chris had made multiple changes in his comics? (Such as changing the names around, and replacing the curing homosexuality thing with "Nombi-Zazis")
10:49:34 AM Jul 11th 2016
Pirates of the Carribian: I added the bit about the plates of food being added (based on a news story I read back in the.. late eighties? early nineties?) and just now googled for images of the ride, because I hadn't seen it since before the plates-of-food addition. It looks like those particular animitronics may have been removed completely, since I can't find them at all (altered or otherwise.)
04:03:31 AM Jan 27th 2014
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I don't watch Glee, so someone else will have to tell me if it's actually an example or not. The entry just says "Even the fans have complained about Glee changing facts to fit the episode." If that's all that happens, it's a Re Write; it's only this trope if old episodes are altered to fit the new version of events, right?
05:00:20 AM Jan 27th 2014
Yeah, that would be misuse. Plus, fan commentary doesn't go in examples.
09:49:42 PM Aug 31st 2011
Tropes Are Not Bad, but that doesn't mean there aren't tropes that are inherently "bad" and very rarely "good". (Refer to Sturgeons Tropes for a few examples.) The title of this one makes it sound like one of those, when it seems to be a lot more about clean corrections; one could compare it to the difference between erasing an answer on a test and crossing it out. The way I understand it, the bad side of this trope comes from trying to market an outright change as a correction, which seems more like a misapplication of the technique. So if anything, it's much closer to the opposite: an inherently "good" trope that can be abused because Tropes Are Not Good.

The problem is that the title, mostly due to the word "Orwellian", implies that it's one of those "avoid doing this if you want to be respectable" tropes. I considered taking it to TRS but I wanted to be sure I had interpreted the trope itself correctly. Does anyone else see the issue, or am I seeing it wrong?
01:25:26 PM Dec 9th 2011
If anyone still cares, I came up with an epic rename suggestion: Retroactive Revision its alliterative and everything
04:06:37 AM Jan 26th 2013
I find the name 'Orwellian' a tad unfitting. It carries some rather harsh connotations, making it sound (as noted above) very sinister. I added a page-quote to fit the idea of an Orwellian Retcon (from 1984, the exact paragraph it is first brought up), but it to seems a tad sinister for the trope. Is 'Orwellian Retcon' really a good name? Retroactive Revision might be better.
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