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12:52:55 PM May 24th 2017
If a guy gets nosebleed after being hit for staring at a girl would that be invoked or justified?
03:44:32 PM Oct 21st 2011
I believe this was brought up in the repair shop before, but I don't understand why the main title to this trope is simply "Nosebleed" when it it's not the only trope that uses a nosebleed as visual shorthand and it's not a Super Trope of the other ones (those being Deadly Nosebleed and Psychic Nosebleed). Suffice to say, it should probably have a more specific name. Might I suggest "Nosebleed of Arousal"?
03:07:55 AM Dec 12th 2011
Horny Nosebleed was suggested in the repair shop thread. Unfortunately, nobody at the time could agree on what to do and the thread was closed with the issue of an overly-general name unresolved.

I would be in favour of renaming this page to Horny Nosebleed and turning plain old "Nosebleed" into either a disambiguation page or a Super Trope about how nosebleeds can be used as visual cues.
05:50:25 AM Jun 23rd 2011
makino in hana yori dango has one in her first crush rui!!!
04:31:15 PM Jun 30th 2010
naru from love hina manga one time she went nuts over seta her old crush!!!
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