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Looney Toons: From the Love Hina example:

When it fails to happen one time, Naru becomes suspicious.

Then again, Naru becomes suspicious when Keitaro breathes.

Chrome Newfie: If someone took the kind of beating Keitaro usually receives and kept breathing, let alone got up, I'd be suspicious too. ;)

Idler: I don't think the Frasier example fits. Niles' nosebleeds are caused by a subconscious reaction to his own dishonesty, not to attraction.

Nosebleed: Wow. This is my contributor page. Creepy.

Ellinor:The part that says: "Note: In Japanese manga, the nosebleed is a visual shorthand/euphemism for sexual arousal, specifically an erection in males (which makes it all the more odd when used with a female character.)" particularly the sentence in parentheses doesn't really make sense since females do get erections (of the clitoris; the clitoris and penis are homologous counterparts).

Muninn: Does anybody feel that this part of the description may be a bit of an understatement?

In recent anime and manga, female characters are increasingly becoming subject to nosebleeds.

Fully One-third of the anime examples on the page are of females. Then again, that's not taking into account the frequency with which it occurs within a series, and is probably skewed by the fact that male nosebleeds are considered 'standard' and more easily forgotten, whereas female nosebleeds are unusual and remembered better.