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01:26:09 PM Feb 24th 2012
Out of curiosity, why does the alphabetical order manner?
05:27:45 PM Oct 25th 2011
The following possible example was given by Tropers.Green Machine in the YKTTW:

"In Donkey Kong Land III, the animal buddies had special abilities, just like in Donkey Kong Country 3. I remember not knowing about at least Squiter's ability to make web platforms, but I probably knew about the other buddies' abilities. I was only missing one DK coin, but I imagine I was missing more Bonus coins. After several runs through the level that I was missing it in, I either looked in the manual (which I now know lists the ability), or I figured it out on my own. Why do I think this qualifies? Because I went through the entire game (minus the lost world) without using the ability to make web platforms. The only time it was needed (to get the DK coins/play-through all levels up to the Lost World) was that DK coin. At least, that's how I remember it. I could very well have misremembered. I do know that at one point, I needed the ability to make web platforms, and I didn't know how to use it (or that it even existed). Keep in mind I must have been 6 or 7 at the time (but I knew how to read). "

First, is this a valid example? I wasn't sure of it so I didn't include it. Second, if it is, this will need to be rephrased appropriately before being inserted in the article.
07:28:44 PM Oct 25th 2011
Yeah, it isn't a very good example. It's more like something that would have gone in Troper Tales...if that were still around. Not worth including. Thought of the infamous rotating barrel from Sonic, but that's more of a Guide Dang It!, because I don't think it was in the (original) manual (though it might be in those of the ports, so it could qualify there).

Also, that was the first PM I've received on this site. Finally know that it will notify me when I get one. Thanks. :)
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