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12:33:04 PM Jan 20th 2013
We really should note the most common misconception that fiction tends to perpetuate about nanotechnology: That it only involves Nanomachines. It's actually a lot broader than that; for one, you don't need nanomachines to build nanomaterials or nanoelectronics, though it would certainly make it easier to do so.
06:53:41 AM Nov 24th 2010
Halt! Nothing about Nanobreaker? It basically is made of this trope.
11:17:53 PM Mar 6th 2010
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Nanobots are ridiculously useful in science fiction.
Fan: Wait, how did Jewel return from the alternate dimension?
Author: Nanobots.
Fan: And where did Xan get the ability to create force fields?
Author: Nanobots.
Fan: And how can the starship travel faster than light?
Author: Nanobots.
It's like A Wizard Did It, but for sci fi! — OODavo
10:01:30 PM May 2nd 2010
your point?
04:02:24 PM Sep 14th 2015
I realise how old this conversation is, but I wanted to say something like that.

I think the point is that nanomachines are frequently used as the Phlebotinium Du Jour to give a hand-wave explanation to all kinds of improbable situations.

At the moment that's discussed in the description of this trope. I was wondering if anyone thought it would stand in its own right as a subtrope. Mainly because until I found out it was part of this trope I wanted to call it Deus Ex Nanomachina.
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