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02:30:54 PM Apr 12th 2016
What is the name of the supervillain in the current page image? Is that the Music Meister?
07:16:26 PM Apr 12th 2016
That's a guy called The Fiddler, to my knowledge the Music Meister only appears in Batman: The Brave and the Bold and material related to the cartoon
01:51:08 PM Nov 19th 2013
Given the subbullet, is this still an example?
  • Another lethal fiddler appears in the last part of the Niebelunglied (The source material for Wagner's "Ring Cycle"), although this one used his fiddle bow as a sword and was one of the "greatest heroes" who followed dead Siffrid's wife to Austria.
    • This is a mistranslation due to some wordplay in the source material; he did not literally use a fiddle bow as a sword, but since this warrior was so talented with a fiddle, his use of a sword was likened to his playing, and his fighting came to be referred to as "fiddling". Towards the beginning of the end, his sword hand is cut off while dining, and his first anguished words to his betrayer are "How am I to fiddle"?
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