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03:55:32 PM Aug 21st 2012
Mass Effect 1 had disguised loading, which were characters taking a lift, which was removed due to complaint in Mass Effect 2 (did they thought that the loading would magically go away?)

in "Destroy all humans" the loading was Crypto (the protagonist) flying his flying saucer to Earth.

in Red Steel 2, from what I played the game would mask the loading while you were opening doors.

An interesting note on Metroid Prime, loading were done on the fly, doors might not open or corridors might take a Z/S form to give time to the loading, infact it can even occur that the game crashes because you rushed through.
06:26:26 AM Apr 21st 2011
From a link on the Ambidextrous Sprite page, I found an interesting article on early loading screens: Loading Screens
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