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09:10:52 PM Dec 17th 2011
Shouldn't 'Lawrence of Arabia' fall under "No Real Life Examples", since it's a biopic and the depiction in the movie is a reasonably historically-accurate presentation of T.E. Lawrence's death? ~~~~
07:00:20 PM Feb 10th 2011
edited by Lupus27
What this trope is supposed to be, exactly, seems very vague to me. Is it about death as an inevitability? Is it about how many seemingly harmless every day things can kill you under the right circumstances?Is it about how death can happen in a way that's not relevent to the plot or thematically satisfying but just random and sad because that just happens sometimes? The article really needs to be rewritten to be clear about what this is actually supposed to be.

Also, some lines are especially vague. "In the interest of avoiding debates on what really happened, no Real Life examples please." About what actually happened? What does that mean?
09:56:08 PM Nov 24th 2012
I agree. This trope is unclear. The quotes and image describe one idea: "everyone dies someday" while the description and many examples describe another: "people die in unexpected, yet mundane ways". The second is covered by a bunch of tropes like Reality Ensues and subversions of Death Is Dramatic, so it seems like the first definition would be better.
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