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08:11:40 AM Oct 7th 2014
I know the trope today refers mostly to Hispanics (by which I assume it means people from Latin America), but since the main article mentions Italians, Spaniards and Frenchmen too, shouldn't the Laconic version "Hispanics are sexy" include them as well?
08:27:18 AM Oct 7th 2014
... "Hispanic" means "related to Spain." I daresay Spaniards are included already. The French don't count for that (that's Everyone Looks Sexier If French).

I find it weird that Italians are mentioned, though. Doesn't seem like they'd count.
12:30:29 AM Apr 4th 2010
I think this Trope has Unfortunate Implications and is demeaning for all the Hispanics. You see I'm hispanic, and I'm not sexy, not to this levels anyway, nor is anybody I know, except maybe this one classmate who has The Most Common Superpower. In T Vland we'd be sexy just because of our Native Tongue, and strikes me as racial profiling and steriotyping. Also I find it demenaing because I feel it objectaize Spanish and Latin American people. Although I admit it's still better than being "mexican". Now I apreciate opinions and if anybody thinks I'm just paranoid
08:09:09 AM Apr 4th 2010
Nah, you're not paranoid. Most race-centered tropes have Unfortunate Implications like this. Even ones that sound "positive" like Asian and Nerdy.
07:27:57 PM Jul 19th 2010
I agree with you (and I'm also Hispanic). This trope is creepy (and of course, there's the underlying implication that Hispanic people are all just wild, uncontrollable sex monsters) and I inwardly groan whenever I hear it. I say you're not paranoid either.
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