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10:45:34 PM Sep 26th 2015
Would this also apply to a situation where someone has finished what they're saying, but realized they said the wrong thing, so they try to tack on more words to change the meaning?

Example: In The Amazing World of Gumball Episode The Goons:
Richard: And this is all because you both wanted to be my favorite, when, in fact, we all know that Darwin is my favorite! (Realizes his family is glaring at him, quickly adds) ...Fish! My favorite fish!
02:08:46 AM Feb 15th 2011
edited by BigT
The following does not appear to be this trope. It's closer to Curse Cut Short, as someone interrupts Toji, but, even then, the quote doesn't make it clear that he was about to say any other word. (If he almost said the C-word, then include it in the quote as "Ayami's c—".)

  • From Episode 5 of Neon Genesis Evangelion:
    Toji: Hey, Chief! Whatcha looking at so intently?
    Shinji: Nothing!
    Kensuke: [tackles Toji] Ayanami, right?
    Shinji: [blushing profusely] No!
    Kensuke: Oh, c'mon. That's suspicious.
    Toji: [sweating] Ayanami's boobs. Ayanami's thighs... [blushes] Ayanami's...
    Kensuke: ...calves!
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