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12:37:59 PM Feb 13th 2014
Pulling from the article.

  • While it's not clear they shared anything more than an embrace, in 2010, a young female cosmonaut who apparently speaks no English spends the aerobraking maneuver cuddling in fear with Dr. Floyd.
    • In fact the novel quite explicitly states that nothing else happens between them. It also says that she came to Floyd because of the language barrier- she would have been to embarassed to do the same with someone who spoke her language.

  • Galaxy Quest's Fred Kwan/Tech Sergeant Chen (played by Tony Shalhoub) and the female Thermian fall deeply in love (apparently she was a fan.) She was the only crewmember aboard the Protector who lacked a Universal Translator, and therefore "spoke" only in brain-piercing, ear-shattering wails and chitters. Not even seeing her real form deterred him, but maybe there's something to be said about those prehensile appendages Thermians have.
    • Not quite...Leilari (the Thermian) was only missing her translator when they initially went to pick up Jason. By the time Fred meets her, she has a working one. She speaks to Fred (and the rest of the crew) quite coherently just before they're all taken to the ship, and although it's a hologram of her talking, it's very likely a live feed.

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