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04:02:15 AM Jun 16th 2013
Seppo not used?

I've certainly heard it used in Australia but 3rd-generation or longer Australians.
05:26:08 AM Aug 7th 2014
Indeed. I (a born & bred Melbournite) use it myself, although it's a fairly affectionate slur, as these things go.
09:10:38 AM Feb 20th 2012
The snakes- not only are they deadly but they are mean too, like this poor chap that got bit on the testicle-
01:08:58 AM Nov 8th 2012
Was there a story/narration somewhere online of some soldiers invading Australia, only to be picked off a few at a time by the wildlife?
06:34:27 AM Apr 10th 2010
edited by Lullabee
Wouldn't "one Deadpan Snarker spread over 20 million people" possibly not even understand sarcasm? That's a lot of people to share one Deadpan Snarker. Or am I too Sidetracked by the Analogy? Anyway, point is, it doesn't make sense to me. It suggests that Australians aren't very funny except on the very rare occasion they muster a bit of sarcasm. Surely that wasn't the intent.
06:48:15 PM May 23rd 2010
As an Australian troper, I'd say that the analogy refers more to our deadpan snarker's style of humour, known as "taking the piss" here, than whether it is a funny style or not. Humour differs between cultures, and mileage - or kilometrage in our case - varies on the actual value of it.

Oh, and please take the analogy seriously. I had to look up what sarcasm is after reading your post, since I'd never heard of it before. We Aussies are so stupid. Seriously.
06:29:06 AM Dec 31st 2010
They forgot the people with two heads in Tasmania.
05:28:35 AM Aug 7th 2014
Typically, they have only one head, because the second is routinely removed at the maternity hospital. You can spot a Taswegian in summer by the scar on one shoulder.
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