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10:38:05 PM Feb 5th 2012
Should we mention how if a player does this they might get cursed?
10:09:57 PM Mar 10th 2010
Are non-video-game examples allowed? The Doctor does this, perhaps most notably in the Made-for-TV Movie — he steals his entire costume from somebody's locker, after perusing the contents of all the other lockers. (The costume includes a freaking pocket watch. Yes, Doc, you were wearing only a sheet, but you didn't need that pocket watch!) Then he steals a gun, and takes himself hostage in order to steal a motorcycle. Then he steals a part from an atomic clock. The whole film is basically him stealing shit, in a rather innocent, semi-Blue and Orange Morality way. But, unlike with Sticky Fingers, he only steals as he seems to deem it necessary, and it's not treated as his being much of a thief.

Or is it really just Sticky Fingers?
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