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Ununnilium: Stuff like "partially subverted", "semi-subverted", and so on is way overused on this wiki, and 99% of the time means either just plain subverted or not subverted at all, just used a bit differently. A Subverted Trope is when you knowingly use a trope to make a joke about the trope itself. Anything else is not a subversion., cookies? ``

Gus: Well, if it is bothering you a lot... According to search, there are 14 entries using "partially subverted" and 3 using "semi-subverted". We could award you a virtual cookie for each one fixed. ;~D

Ununnilium: And I'm off to the races!

Later: There were a few cases where the phrase actually worked, or where there wasn't enough data to decide. I'll look for "somewhat subverted" and other variants later.

Janitor: Okay. Here are your cookies. You may reload that 12 times.

Ununnilium: Less than three!

Thomas the Rhymer: If a game includes punishment for stealing, surely that's not so much a subversion as a non-example...

Ununnilium: No, an exception would be a game that doesn't let you steal (or only allows stealing in the way an actual thief would). A game that lets you act like a Kleptomaniac Hero, then punishes you for it, is as true a definition of subversion as any I've found.

washington213: Stealing like an actual thief? Is there any other way to steal? I mean, stealing = thief, so it's kind of impossible to steal unlike a thief.

Ununnilium: IMHO, we should take the comic link and just make it into an actual link to the site where the comic comes from.

washington213: Why? Linking to the site the comic comes from is completely pointless, since the rest of the site is totally irrelevant in relation to our article. Linking to the comic makes things easier, and reduces the pointlessness of linking.

Passerby: Specifically relating to the ability to walk into people's homes without issue part, possible alternative or subtrope titles would be "Come On In" or "Friendly Home Invasion"

Vuther A: I'm not sure - does looting dead stuff fall under this trope? It's mentioned in the first paragraph, then it seems to drop it.