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12:10:04 PM Mar 24th 2018
edited by DaibhidC
There's a couple of entries that just seem to be "actor can't really do something their character can/isn't like their character" without explanation as to why it's ironic. Which is, you know, acting.
09:33:27 PM Jul 22nd 2016
Can Barry Corbin sing? He sings badly in one episode of Northern Exposure (Shelly's wedding).
10:53:51 AM May 11th 2011
edited by aaeyero
This article seems to conflict with itself. Is it not ironic or is it? I think the "not really" part should be removed. There being justifications for it doesn't make it not ironic.

Also, the trope namer doesn't seem to have anything to do with the trope at all. Therefore, it should be renamed to something more suited, preferably shorter. Cast in Irony is a good alternative.
01:59:43 PM May 17th 2011
The current title would definitely go under Stealth Pun - definition 4.

The thing is, the irony isn't where people tend to put it - on the actors, or characters, or directors - it's only in their own heads. It wouldn't happen if they had less information, AND if they had more. Real Irony doesn't do that. least that's how it was intended.

It's the same with the trope namer - less information on the writer's part, and it wouldn't have been a book. More information, and it would have been a useful book. As it is, it is both trivial and has its importance blown out of scale.

So, without a proper discussion, I see no reason to follow either recomendation.
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