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10:39:23 PM Aug 24th 2016
Hey, Mrs. Doubtfire isn't on here. There's one scene where Robin Williams is doing exactly that
09:51:26 PM Oct 18th 2011
I'm noticing in some examples the person who gave the hurricane will simply say something that fits the topic but won't work it into a sentence, such as the Family Guy example. Is this notable enough to mention in the description?
06:44:30 PM Mar 24th 2010
Why isn't the title of this trope a pun? Hurricane of Puns doesn't fit in with other pun-related tropes like Just For Pun and Pungeon Master, so why not call the Hurricane of Puns "Punderstorm," instead?
03:12:19 PM Aug 25th 2010
Heh. Glad I'm not the only one who thought of that.

Indeed. Approval is needed.
02:06:44 AM Oct 18th 2011
Punderstorm it is. Now we just wait for the Trope Repair Shop to have some open space.
04:49:30 AM Apr 6th 2012
punderstorm? doesn't really convey the high volume of puns. why not "gatling pun", dropping the storm theme entirely?
08:03:22 AM May 2nd 2012
edited by Telcontar
07:05:37 AM Jul 5th 2012
Another vote in favor of renaming the article "Punderstorm." While it is true that a hurricane is a more powerful weather phenomenon than a mere thunderstorm, the Punderstorm demonstrates within itself the nature of the article, and as a demonstrative title is superior to the incumbent.
07:12:02 AM Jul 5th 2012
Two things here:
  • Renaming something is a TRS/forum matter, not a discussion page one.
  • Punderstorm only works if you get the pun. Hurricane Of Puns doens't need that.
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