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12:45:52 AM Nov 4th 2017
I'm rather confused as to how this trope is defined. Is this used when accusing a character of being queer and is just denying it or if a character is straight and is incredibly insistent on it? The title insists the latter, the last remark of the first paragraph insists the former.
07:58:06 AM Jan 8th 2016
edited by VVK
"The opposite of Everyone Is Gay, Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today is a trope that takes place in a genre filled to the brim with Ho Yay. So, to compensate for this, every other line of dialogue comments on how some character is straight and their relationship with someone else is platonic."

So neither the page quote nor the page image are actually examples? This is NOT about characters part of whose machismo or whatever is going on about how they're not gay? The description implies not, because it's supposed to be dependent on genre, and possibly done by the writers more than the character. I suspect the meaning has drifted to include characters who do this, and why not, it's like a Missing Supertrope.

Saying this here because I haven't the time and energy to go though the examples and then start a Trope Repair Shop discussion.
08:43:54 AM Jan 8th 2016
That... is an odd bit that I don't think I've ever seen observed on any example page. Ever.
02:31:47 PM Mar 31st 2013
edited by Tannya
If Lord of the Rings: The Movie made it to the list, where are Sirius Black's girly posters and Remus Lupin's marriage? How "strange" that Harry Potter plagues next to every article on this wiki, except for this one - yet I haven't seen anyone as hysterical since TON's "I like goils".
08:33:57 PM Aug 2nd 2010
It might be beneficial to divide this trope into two subcategories: one for characters who are heterosexual but just insistent, and one for characters who are actually homosexual but denying it.

If the consensus is that that's a beneficial change to make, I don't know how much use I'd be in getting started, seeing as there's so many examples already listed of characters I don't know at all where the description also doesn't make it clear into which heading they'd belong. But I'd be with you in spirit.
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