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05:43:08 AM May 29th 2016
The Spanish names for the folders have the first letter of each word capitalized like in English, but this is not required by Spanish grammar and looks pretty odd to those who speak the language. I think only the first letter should be capitalized (as in "Series de televisón" instead of "Series de Televisón").

Also, "Obras de fanaticos"... Sorry, what? While it's technically not broken Spanish, it sounds extremely akward, since it means "Fanatics' works" instead of "Fan Works", and comes off as slightly offensive. The Spanish word for "fan" is just "fan". I propose not translating it at all, like Machinima, or changing it to "Obras hechas por fans" (Works made by fans).
08:00:23 AM Apr 20th 2010
If you say "televisión en vivo" in spanish, you are really saying "live television", as in aired in real time without previous recording. If you want to say "live action television" you should use "televisión de imagen real"
02:40:45 PM Jul 4th 2010
"Televisión de imagen real"? Sorry, it doesn't make any sense. Oh, and you're actually saying "Real image television". I can't remember any actual Spanish names for live action (do we even have them?)... "Series con personas de verdad"? Ugh... maybe "Programas de televisión"? None of them is actually accurate.
09:16:56 PM Aug 1st 2010
Here we use "En persona" for Live Action series, but that could just be a reagionalism here, Accion en vivo would be the same as Live Television.
09:31:04 PM Nov 2nd 2010
Well, I propose "Series de televisión" as new title, what do you think?
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