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Working Title: Gratuitous Spanish: From YKTTW

Vampire Buddha: Pulled this:
  • Justified since teaching language skills is a goal of the franchise explicitly stated in materials for parents.
That may be why it's there, but Justified Tropes are about when there's a reason given in the plot for something to happen.

"Normal Hollows are sometimes called 'menos', meaning minus. Thus, 'menos grande' is presumably meant to mean 'big minus'. "

Sukeban: Yes, but in correct Spanish that'd have to be "Gran Menos". "Menos grande" just means "not as big as". Mind you, "Hueco Mundo" sounds just as weird, "Mundo Hueco" would be more natural... and so on. "Privaron Espada" is pretty bad grammar, too :)
Vampire Buddha slices out a buildup of natter:

  • That, and "Menos Grande" means "not so big", which I would guess is not the intended meaning.
    • Normal Hollows are sometimes called 'menos', meaning minus. Thus, 'menos grande' is presumably meant to mean 'big minus'.
    • Which finally makes sense, seeing how the opposite of Hollows - i.e. regular, ordinary, non-monstrous human souls - are called "Pluses" in the Japanese version ("Wholes" in English).
    • This Troper is from Spain and is pretty certain that the only reason Bleach Spanish is considered poetic is because Spaniards have a stronger tendency to Fan Wank than Mexicans. From experience, Spanish fans will try to twist the words of the author into something deep and meaningful, when it's pretty obvious the author just opened his Spanish-Japanese dictionary and chose the first thing he thought sounded good. See the deplorable Giralda case.

By the way, Shilvara, who is Spanish, claims that some of the constructions used do occasionally show up in Spanish writing, but is rare in conversation.

//Next day: Integrated this into the main point:

  • Yukari did this too, at least once.
    • If this troper has divined the scene you're talking about, it comes right after a bit of Gratuitous German ("Wunderbar!") and some other language.
    • In the English dub, the foreigner Kagura assists unexpectedly speaks Spanish. (In the original, he speaks Engrish ("That helped me a rot, thanks.").)