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04:05:13 PM Jul 20th 2013
The current page image has a few Unfortunate Implications... explained here. I suggest we change it to something else. I do know a few other examples that could be used.
06:01:34 PM Jul 21st 2013
03:49:53 AM Jun 14th 2012
"In The Bible, Michal sees David's rejoicing as the ark is being brought into the city, and when goes to bless his household, she treats him as though he had exposed himself; at minimum, he was wearing a m`iyl (stated in 1 Chronicles) and an ephod (stated both there and in 2 Samuel). (Unfortunately, many teachers of these passages would rather believe Michal's version of events.) "

Is this where the mormons got the idea from re. ritual undies?
04:47:04 PM Jan 13th 2012
A lot of these examples - if not the trope as a whole - seem like quibbling over semantics. Sometimes, the word "naked" is used to mean "inappropriately dressed" - it just is. Maybe not so much nowadays, but the example of newspapers describing half-dressed people as "naked" is evidence enough.

So is this really a trope? If "naked can mean half-dressed" is at best an example of Have a Gay Old Time and "people are embarrassed to be seen in their underwear" is pretty much People Sit on Chairs, I'm not sure what this trope is saying.
05:37:40 AM Apr 17th 2012
edited by Zappedfan
I think it's not a trope when the word "naked" is used to describe people in their underwear but it is a trope when the underwear is used in a scene that calls for nudity that isn't allowed in that particular medium. Then the audience willingly suspends disbelief about the characters acting as if they are naked even though they are not. How many women actually make love wearing a bra outside of network TV? And how many men wear towels in the shower except in the film "Evita"?
08:03:38 AM Dec 26th 2012
edited by illegalcheese
08:04:16 AM Dec 26th 2012
This seems to be very much a perception/ Values Dissonance thing. Wearing boxers and an undershirt constitutes a bare minimum of presentability, especially if there's an excuse for not being better dressed. However, nudity crosses that line and is just indecent, excuse or not. Considering that there is a marked difference between the two in the US and many other countries (especially western ones), confusing the two provides enough definition to constitute a trope.
10:53:09 PM May 31st 2013
I don't think the trope as a whole has an issue, but Zappedfan is right when they call out the trope as being about underwear/pajamas/towel standing in for nudity.

Some of the examples do run into that issue - and some seem to show a misunderstanding of either the trope or the example. The Temeraire example comes to mind - Lawrence isn't shocked by the aviators being indecent for doing things like leaving coats off, he's shocked by their lack of discipline. It's not that they're insufficiently covered, it's that he thinks they're unkempt and unprofessional. The news story about the soldier in his boxers comes off similarly from the way it's reported; he isn't joking about being fired for being undressed in general, but for being out of uniform (which could just as easily apply even if he was wearing a mascot suit complete with giant foam head).
07:08:04 AM Jul 14th 2011
edited by Zappedfan
"Rags to Riches" Season two, episodes one and two, "Vegas Rock", the girls go to Las Vegas to ask Elvis to donate his guitar for a charity auction. To get backstage they don showgirl costumes, essentially bikinis with headdresses (Image 9 here: http://oldtvshowsondvd.blogspot.com/2007/07/rags-to-riches-tv-series-on-dvd.html ). The shy girl says, "I feel naked" in reaction to the shock of her own public exposure. The bold girl replies, dismissively, "We are naked," indicating that a showgirl costume is appropriate for being backstage in Las Vegas.

07:06:11 PM Sep 1st 2010
  • Family Guy: "Hi, I'm Al Harrington of Al Harrington's Wacky, Waving, Inflatable, Arm-Flailing, Tube-Man Warehouse and Emporium. As an unwanted result of a recent lawsuit, I am now in possession of hundreds of pallets of crudely painted, not-so-funny, plywood, cutout, folk art and it's just waiting to transform your uncut, trash-strewn lawn into a living canvas that tells passers-by, 'Hey, everyone, a real funny bugger lives here!' Your neighbors will chuckle warmly, and motorists will slow down and applaud, when they cast their eyes on such favorites as Sort-of-Ben-and-Jerry's-Looking Cow, Black Silhouetted Cowboy Leaning on Barn, and everybody's favorite, Fat Woman Bending Over Tending to Her Garden in Big, Polka-Dotted Bloomers." (shows a cardboard cutout of a woman bending over, her skirt rising up to reveal baggy underwear down to her knees like a regular pair of short pants, two guys laughing and pointing at the sight).

Does not fit the trope at all. There is no actual person and no one is reacting with shock to supposed "nudity." Two guys are just laughing at an old, cliched joke — it's the whole point of the bit.
04:32:19 AM Dec 12th 2011
I would argue that it's invoking the trope: The woman's long underwear is treated like panties. Numerous other examples involve shame over panties or more. So people treating pants like panties, and treating that like something funny or taboo seems to fit the trope.

And amusement is just as adequate a reaction as shock. The idea of the trope is treating clothes like nudity. Shock is not necessary, just a reaction implying something shameful.
03:55:56 AM Jun 14th 2012
You sometimes read about American actresses talking about their "nude scene" which when it comes around and you see it either on cinema or video release, turns out to be nothing of the sort - she is still wearing clothes, albeit skimpy undies, or covering the goods up with folded arms.

There was a docu. film on about American strippers preparing for the "stripper of the year" contest: "naked" was loosely interpreted as Still Wearing Her Knickers, or those tassell things covering the nipples. On further examination, there are whole jurisdictions in the USA where a stripper legally cannot take off her knickers/panties - yet the bar she works for can still legally advertise "naked girls". No. They're not. They've still got their knickers on!
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