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11:25:38 PM Sep 24th 2013
edited by
May I alphabetize this list?

If no one replies by Friday 9/28/2013 I'll post it.
01:19:58 AM Sep 25th 2013
Alphabetising is a free action; please do! Make sure to leave an edit reason so people know you aren't just axing things, though.
04:40:55 AM Sep 27th 2013
Cool, thanks.
11:31:46 AM Jul 22nd 2012
Can Transformers be also considered as a Foreign Remake? The toys and designs were originally from the Japanese Diaclone and Microchange toy franchise.

I haven't seen it here yet and I'm not really sure if it belongs here so I made this post. There also must be a reason why that I'm not aware of so I'm asking you guys first before I can make a decision.
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