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02:25:03 AM Jun 7th 2014
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I just reorganized the page a bit to try and bring a little consistency to how predecessor states are dealt with on this page. The rule I'm proposing is that any states that are currently independent of each other (either de jure or de facto) are separate entries, regardless of shared history, culture, etc. (e.g. North Koreans with Nodongs stays separate from South Koreans with Marines and The Other Chinese Army does not go under Chinese with Chopper Support), but the armed forces of any now-defunct polity are listed as a subheading of the polity that now controls that territory (or the bulk of it as applicable) regardless of regional separatisms or wildly conflicting ideologies: So...:

-After brief second thoughts (which precipitated this whole chain of thought), Ossis with Osas stayed with We Are Not the Wehrmacht and South Vietnamese with Skyraiders stayed with Vietnamese with Kalashnikovs.

-Rebels with Repeaters has now been moved under Yanks with Tanks.

-Kipling's Finest has now been moved under Indians with Iglas.

-The Sound of Martial Music has now been moved under Neutral Austrians with No Navy.

This is consistent with We Are Not the Wehrmacht and Nazis with Gnarly Weapons, Kaiju Defence Force and Katanas of the Rising Sun or Russians with Rusting Rockets, Reds with Rockets and Russians with Rifles being listed together. To be sure, some people might not be entirely pleased with the South Vietnamese and Communist Vietnamese armed forces being listed together, or the U.S. and Confederate militaries for that matter, but one only need take a brief look at Kaiju Defence Force or We Are Not the Wehrmacht to be reminded of how quick most modern Japanese and Germans, including (some might say especially) members of their armed forces, are to distance themselves from Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany yet those pages have always been listed together. For that matter, Tsarist Russia and the Soviets were on opposing sides of the Russian Civil War, so I don't think we can consider deep ideological differences a reason not to group entries for different iterations of the same country together on this page...

At least for the time being, I'm leaving The Glory That Was Rome separate from New Roman Legions (despite the obvious link in the page titles) because there isn't as direct a continuity between the Roman Empire and modern Italy as there is between more recent nation-states and their current successors.
12:04:50 AM Oct 23rd 2013
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Shouldn't there be a page for the Imperial German armed forces? We've got Nazis with Gnarly Weapons and We Are Not the Wehrmacht for Nazi Germany and Modern Germany, and The Sound of Martial Music for the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but nothing for Imperial Germany...considering World War 1, that seems like a major omission...

As for a title, Prussians in Pickelhauben, maybe? Or possibly Teutons with Triplanes? Though I'm not sure if referring to modern Germans at Teutons might be considered offensive or not...Teutonic is a fairly accepted and (as far as I know) not terribly controversial adjective, but technically the noun refers to an ancient tribe not the modern nation. On the other hands, not everyone in Imperial Germany was Prussian so the former suggestion is arguably something of a stereotype even if the terminology is more era-appropriate and Prussia *did* have a fairly predominant influence on the Imperial German military...

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?
05:57:40 AM Jun 5th 2012
Should we do a sub-trope page about the military of Austria, and if so, noting Austria's neutrality and it being a landlocked country, should we name it "Neutral Austrians With No Navy" or "Neutral Austrians With No U-Boats"?
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