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10:35:14 AM Apr 2nd 2013
Couldn't this trope be the result of hydrokinesis?
11:01:40 PM Mar 4th 2013
  • "Truth in Television: In zero gravity, water will form floating spheres. These NASA videosshows a number of visually cool experiments involving them.
    • And played for laughs in the Planetes manga: in an omake four-panel strip, Hachi sees a blob of floating hot coffee. Being cute, he sticks a straw in it and slurps it. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Demonstrated in the Tintin album in space. (With whisky instead of water, but the same principle applies.)
    • And in the novel Simon Black in Space by Ivan Southall when one of the characters attempts to create a bath in zero gravity, and almost drowns in the process."

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