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This trope involves any scenario where water is floating or in glass or some variation there of to seem as though it's magically floating all on it's own. Usually glass will be ridiculously crystal clear to add to the illusion. Though I remember seeing it more than just twice, off the top of my head examples include:
  • Super Mario Galaxy with those long waterways you rode along, as well as many other water based levels.
  • Final Fantasy X with blitzball's giant sphere of water. (pictured)

reply: Avatar: The Last Airbender: Waterbending.

reply: Subverted/lampshaded in Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. In level 4 the player encounters a strange pillar of water; Turok must swim up the column to advance.

  • The Mon Calamari opera/dance/thing in Star Wars Episode III.

reply: Justified in the movie Antz. Water does that at that scale.

reply: Would the water tentacle from The Abyss count?

reply: In Myst sequel Riven, and it's associated novel, Myst: The Book of Atrus, water on the world of Riven becomes weightless when warmed up. This apparently has something to do with microorganisms, but is never really explained.

reply: Truth in Television: In zero gravity water will form floating spheres. This NASA video shows a number of visually cool experiments involving them.

reply: Rather than weightlessness, the Rivenese water was explained to be thoroughly populated by heat-averse bacteria. There's apparently enough microorganisms that they collectively cause the water to behave like a gelatinous blob to retreat from sources of high heat. The water is non-potable due to their presence.

reply: Well... Moses did something like this.

reply: Film

reply: Goku from Dragonball Z exercises himself when he is in a hospital bed by concentrating his will on the water in a glass, he then moves the water out of the glass while it remains in the shape of the glass. Naturally, when someone entered the room, he became distracted and the water fell on his head.

reply: The Red Matter in the new Star Trek movie. Justified in they HAD to have it in suspension in a vacuum, because if it touched matter at all it would turn into a black hole.

  • Kirby loves this trope.
  • Cenataur's level in Mega Man 6 has a room where reverse gravity water is moving up and down on the ceiling. To get across without the Jet Adaptor, you have to time your jumps to have the gravity-reducing water increase your jump distance.
  • The Incredibles did this with lava.

reply: Super Mario 63 has water that can cling onto walls. They even lampshaded it in one particular level.

reply: Brain Sewage, how is the Turok in any way a subversion or even a lampshade? Sounds like the trope played straight for me.


  • Ecco the Dolphin - The second and third game had floating tubes and spheres of water.

reply: An episode of Star Trek: Voyager had a planet made entirely our of water, the reason for that being it was held together by a generator. The people living on the planet meanwhile believed their gods had given it to them as a gift (note: they lived underwater in buildings).

reply: The Computer game Aquaria has water bubbles. suspended in air.

reply: During DC Comics Crisis Crossover Invasion, DC Comics' Space Opera hero Adam Strange was visited by a Thanagarian delegation who vocally admired the "water sculpture" in the hero's house as it made various shapes in the air above the "fountain" it filled. Then they tried to kill him. Turns out the "water sculpture" was actually a trained alien "watchdog" made of liquid and the fountain was its equivalent to a doghouse. (It also turns out that Thanagarians take a long time to drown, since their lungs are larger than those of a human.)

  • In one episode of Super Mario Bros. Super Show, the titular brothers had to turn the Fountainof Youth into a Fountain of Age by making the waterfall flow up instead of down.
  • Kingdom Hearts had waterfalls in Hallow Bastion that defy gravity.
  • Golden Sun: The Lost Age also had gravity defying waterfalls.

reply: Waterfalls flowing up is probably a separate trope.

reply: In the Doctor Who episode "Smith and Jones", the gravity-transport beam the Judoon use to transport the hospital from the earth to the moon causes water to condense out of the air around the hospital and fall upward, creating the illusion that its "raining backward".

reply: Tabletop RPG
  • The Forgotten Realms setting in Dungeons & Dragons had a spell called "Laeral's Aqueous Column", which created a column of water that was 10 feet high per caster level and 10 feet wide.

reply: Alternate Titles still welcome.

reply: I think "Floating Water" pretty much captures the essence of it.

Also, this looks like a good trope to launch, don't you think?

reply: I Think so, this will be my first one though.

Removed the Incredibles "lava" example. The lava was falling, not floating.