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10:03:42 PM Oct 8th 2016
Does this trope overlap with Deal with the Devil?
01:43:34 AM Feb 19th 2014
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Does this trope work both ways? Example: The Big Bad(say the Daleks) makes a deal with an Eldritch Abomination(like Death Phantom) and is warned by the heroes that said Eldritch Abomination will destroy him yet in a sheer stroke of irony the Big Bad pulls a Curb-Stomp Battle You Have Outlived Your Usefulness(the Black Moon Clan has betrayed Death Phantom? He has outlived his usefullness! "EXTERMINATE!!!!") on the Eldritch Abomination without any effort(in the case of the Daleks they blow up Nemesis with their fleet)!
01:35:28 AM Jun 30th 2012
So is this exclusively related to Sealed Evil in a Can or can it be dealing with evil in a more general sense like a deal with a devil that is already free?
02:35:52 PM Jul 2nd 2012
The evil can also be: 1. Deal with the devil. The devil ain't sealed, but there are certain rules he has to play by. 2. The evil is simply not intelligent and not trying to get out. It hurts the user if not properly used (such item cannot be properly used by mere humans).
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