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05:04:01 PM Aug 28th 2013
  • The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show did this in every On the Next preview. Both episode titles were always horrendous puns. As a result, the only episodes whose titles weren't an example were the season premieres like "Metal-Munching Mice" (see Evil Plan).
    • The end of episode two of the four-episode arc "Moosylvania Saved" did not have either the main title or Either Or title.
    • Actually, the main title of the whole storyline didn't have an "...or..." title (and the main title usually wasn't a pun), and the last chapter of each storyline didn't refer to the next episode title, often ending with "See us next time on The Adventures of Bullwikle" or some variation.

Deleted, because the last contribution says the trope wasn't used and contradicts the first entry. Somebody familiar with the work could re-add it if the example is valid.
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