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05:43:56 PM Dec 27th 2013
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Mako from Legend of Korra seems like he falls into this trope. In Season 1, he causes a lot of the rift and is very easily forgiven. This being the love triangle from Episode 5 to 11. Asami easily forgave him for cheating on her with Korra and lying to her.

Then in The Sting, Asami and Bolin do not have any response to Mako stopping their plan by telling the President in the previous episode.

Lin doesn't bother to hold Mako accountable for his off the book illegal sting operation which he stated would get him fired.
10:20:52 AM Apr 8th 2013
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Wow. I love how this how article, people are pretending that the "This is a wiki not a forum" rule doesn't exist. Natter and violations of Repair, Don't Respond all over the place.
12:33:16 PM Jan 31st 2013
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Star Trek DS 9 S2,E4 Invasive Procedures-Quark sells out the crew, nearly gets Jadzia killed, risks the symbiont, yet all is forgiven.

10:31:20 AM Jun 7th 2012
Does anyone else think the examples in the "Playing with" section needs to be changed? I don't think it really count as "Easily Forgiven" if Bob was force to destroy the MacGuffin if he was, you know, forced. Hell, if they knew he had to there shouldn't be anything to forgive. A better example would be "Bob destroys Joe's car in an accident, and Joe brushes it off." or something
01:45:53 PM Oct 16th 2011
Is this only about someone going evil, starting out evil, betraying another character and so forth before being forgiven, or also for situations where the characters remain friendly throughout but one still does something that needs forgiving, and that is done very easily? It's the former, right?
03:50:27 PM Mar 16th 2014
That's a good question. Unfortunately, a large number of examples seem to be cases in which some viewers don't think the character in question should have been forgiven, even when they seem honestly repentant, largely those who don't like the character. This comes off as highly subjective, and quite vindictive against the characters in question.
01:09:18 PM Jul 31st 2010
edited by SelphieFairy
Um, has anyone seen the massive discussion that's been going on under the Buffy section? It's really unnecessarily long. People are basically just going back and forth on whether or not so-and-so was deserving or not deserving of being forgiven...
03:08:11 AM Jun 19th 2010
  • In Bleach, most of the Soul Reapers' actions, such as attacking each other, even their direct superiors, are forgotten in the wake of Aizen's betrayal, as is Ichigo and his group's infiltration of the Seireitei. This includes Ukitake and Kyoraku destroying the Sokyoku, which Yamamoto had deemed "unforgivable". Izuru and Momo are later shown apologizing to Rangiku and Hitsugaya, who are quite forgiving (with the plus that Izuru is Rangiku's old friend, and Momo is Hitsugaya's adoptive sister).

Removed, because this was not so much a case of Easily Forgiven as two opposing factions putting off their impending civil war when faced with a greater threat.
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