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01:12:51 PM Sep 18th 2013
Removed: Shoehorning. He just throws a fire source at oxygen-producing organisms, blowing them (and himself) up - how is it this trope? (And specifically, it doesn't cause anything like a World-Wrecking Wave, just a local explosion.)
12:55:18 AM May 6th 2013
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"In the Kim Possible episode "Car Alarm", Shego seems to graduate to Omnicidal Maniac by hoping to use a rocket car she and Motor Ed stole in order to use its full powered rocket boost to destroy the planet. Ed on the other hand just wanted to use it to drive around with Shego as arm candy."

It didn't immediately destroy the planet -it would have taken time to cause that amount of damage with that thing. The kind of thing where the villain can cause some severe destruction, then tell folks to fork cash over if they didn't want them doing it again. That would be more Shego's kind of plan. (And if she was in charge of it, it would probably work.)

"A lawsuit was filed to keep CERN from turning on the Large Hadron Collider for fear that it would create a black hole and destroy Earth."

The guy who filed that was a scientist -it's just he was a botanist. With a criminal record. #7
03:37:00 AM Oct 4th 2011
The season 1 final episode of Beast Wars has Optimus Primal fly into a fake moon, destroying it. Then of course the time-altering explosion - I remember seeing that for the first time when I was 12 and the destruction of planets thereafter didn't seem so bad.
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