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11:17:53 AM Oct 29th 2017
VeggieTales has two Latin Spanish dubs.

One made in Chile by an unknown studio from 1996-2004 that was used for the VHS's and the first DV Ds, and another that was made in Educador by HCJB - Televozandes and in Miami by BVI Communications, Inc. for VeggieTales on TV (VeggieTales en la tele) and the later DV Ds from 2006-2008.

Sound familiar? Anyone wanna add that to the Western Animation section of this "Dueling Dubs" article?
03:59:57 PM Apr 30th 2015
Barbar has two Arabic dubs. One done by a unknown dubbing company for Arabian distribution and one done by Venus Company for Spacetoon, likely because the elements to the original dub don't exist. Both have different Alternate Foreign Theme Songs.

First dub theme song here: Second dub theme song here:
08:43:07 AM Jun 9th 2011
Tekkaman Blade got 3 English dubs

One that aired in United kingdom and Austrila that is edited for content that lasted 43 episodes

One that aired in the United States that is heavily edited for syndication that lasted 29 episodes

That dub that aired in UK/AU/US is called Teknoman and the it has the same voice actors and different character names, for example in the AU/UK version that main character is called Blade and US verison the main character is called Slade and it has different openings and ending, both were done by a dubbing company called DMD

Teknoman AU/UK version opening theme

Teknoman US opening theme

Teknoman AU/UK credits

Teknoman US ending credits

Last there is also an uncut english dub done by Media Blasters which use the Japanese character names and music
11:02:49 AM Apr 28th 2011
Street Fighter II V has two English Dubs: One by an American dubbing company by Animaze which is Edited, another by an now Defunct dubbing Company Called ADV Flims for the UK Market which is Uncut.
02:08:16 PM Mar 18th 2011
Crayon shin chan has two english dubs It got a edited english dub in 2002 by an American Dubbing company called Vitello Productions with amercian voice actors which aired on Fox Kids UK and later Jetix UK in the United Kingdom and Ireland

It also got an uncut English dub by Funimation in 2006 that aired on Adlut swim in the United States
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