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01:32:39 PM Jul 26th 2014
Can someone please clarify the Person of Interest example? Does Reese not like guns, or does his employer force him not to use them? It's kind of ambiguous for anyone who doesn't watch the show.
02:47:10 AM Jul 27th 2014
Pulled the entry in the meantime - it's a Zero-Context Example.
09:34:31 PM Feb 21st 2012
Something's bugging me about the image caption. The way it's phrased makes it sound like Batman shot the Mutant shortly after going off on an anti-gun tirade. But the incident with the Mutant was actually much closer to the beginning of the story, while the speech about the guns was during the cilmax. But I can't think of any better captions. Any ideas?
07:08:01 PM Oct 28th 2011
A previous edit mention that Sonic disliked guns because he could accidentally shoot himself by running ahead of the bullet. I removed this because that would actually be impossible, even for him. By firing forward while running, Sonic's speed would be added on to the momentum of the round, making it fly even faster than if it was fired from a standstill. In order to intercept the round, intentionally or not, he would have to run even faster than that. Depending on the exact nature of the firearm a bullet travels from several hundred miles per hour to over the speed of sound. Although the exact limit of Sonic's speed varies depending on the medium he's being portrayed in, he generally cannot reach that kind of momentum. Either way, it's physically impossible to move at full speed, project an object, and then catch it without increasing speed even more.
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