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06:54:01 PM Mar 30th 2011
Please provide details. See How to Write an Example.
  • Shrek 2.
  • Rex Harrison version of Doctor Doolittle.
10:31:14 AM Mar 9th 2011
Is this seriously a trope? We might as well add pages for "Remove Hat, Brush Hand Through Hair" or "Get Up from Chair, Stretch."
12:21:22 PM Nov 9th 2011
Agreed. This is a "People Sit in Chairs" trope. One "Truth in Television" example, and it makes complete sense.
12:01:24 PM Apr 7th 2012
Seems like Trope Decay. The description says it's about how, on television, a quick rub of your wrists will remove all evidence that you were ever restrained. In Real Life, however, I wore handcuffs for charity once and had obvious cuff-prints on my wrists two days later. But if that's what the trope is about then it needs work.
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