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08:56:31 AM Apr 1st 2017
Why is the Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the description? It helps too understand the trope better, but that's the entire point of having examples listed below the description anyway.
05:38:33 AM Jul 16th 2010
I have a question on the fanfiction section of this page: shouldn't those entries go into Fanfic Recs? To me, it seems out of place.
09:34:19 PM Nov 13th 2010
No one is actually recomending those fics. Those are just examples of crossovers.
09:38:57 PM Nov 13th 2010
Then we'd be here all day or just link the Crossovers sections of and be done with it.

It's become superfluous fluff, IMO.
06:02:49 PM Nov 14th 2010
I disagree. Fanfics are probably the single most popular genre of fiction to employ crossovers. Of all the folders on the page it easily contains the most elaborate uses of the trope.
08:42:42 PM Nov 14th 2010
That's not a valid counterpoint. My point is that there are so many it becomes almost a discredit to itself. Saying "It's popular" doesn't negate the fact that it's over-common, it reinforces it.

I say we make a Fanfic Recs section just for crossovers and put a re-direct there. Saying there's a notable crossover fanfic is basically giving a fanfic rec. I see no difference between the two. You post it—you're recing it.
01:02:57 PM Sep 9th 2011
I'm honestly surprised the fan works section got this far without Touhou (A mistake I have amended. It is one of the rules on oru article on the rules of the internet, after all.)
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