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04:17:40 PM Dec 2nd 2012
What if the character simply is a crossdresser who also happens to be evil?

I mean, his/her crossdressing habit is never shown as creepy or unsettling, it's just there and it's totally unrelated with the character's morality. How is that one called?

Does "Creepy Crossdresser" always have to be "He dresses like a woman because he's EVIL!"?
05:17:23 PM Dec 3rd 2012
A crossdresser who also happens to be evil is a Creepy Crossdresser. Think of it as evil being inherently creepy, as in "something creeps do", or if you like, simply as "not-Wholesome."

Every crossdresser should fall under either Creepy Crossdresser or Wholesome Crossdresser.
03:52:07 PM Apr 9th 2011
Why did we rename this?
07:42:27 AM Jun 30th 2011
Part of a general re-org of Crossdresser and subtropes. The idea is that pretty much every example should fall under Wholesome Crossdresser or Creepy Crossdresser. The rename allows examples of crossdressers who are presented as weird, creepy, squicky, etc., even if they aren't necessarily evil or "villainous."
01:05:33 PM Aug 1st 2011
What if the trope is presented simultaneously with Evil Is Sexy, IE a crossdressing villain with an Attractive Bent-Gender? Does it count?
01:22:18 PM Aug 1st 2011
Most likely, yes, because the villain is still evil, and the crossdressing is still presented as "weird," or off-putting, or perverted, etc.

Creepy Crossdresser and Wholesome Crossdresser are both essentially independent from the question of "how good-looking is he?"
12:57:25 PM Feb 6th 2012
So we are saying that a crossdresser cannot be ugly and wholesome? That seems... odd. Now it would appear that we would have to put Tokyo Godfathers' Hana in with Creepy Crossdresser despite the character's almost saintly qualities.... I think we need to reassess this change and what it really accomplishes at all...
04:42:32 PM Feb 6th 2012
No, that's actually the opposite of what I'm saying. "Essentially independent" means Wholesome Crossdressers can be ugly, and Creepy Crossdressers can be pretty.
06:18:35 PM Mar 11th 2011
Does Marilyn Manson count under Real Life? He certainly did it for shock value (not sure if he still does it).
07:52:45 PM Jan 27th 2011
I reverted the Goering examples to "depicted as" a transvestite. As far as I can determine, there's no genuine evidence that he was anything of the sort in Real Life - even less reason to think he was than the (also spurious) stuff said about J. Edgar Hoover.

He was a flamboyant guy who liked flashy, ridiculous-looking military uniforms, but that's about as far as he went.