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10:20:28 AM May 21st 2012
So let me guess, we're considering a change in the trope title to something more easily understood, like "Chick Who Dresses Up as Fictional Characters and is Into Anime"? There's been plenty of title changes lately, so it wouldn't surprise me...
10:24:51 AM May 21st 2012
edited by Oreochan
What are you talking about? The trope isn't in the TRS and in order for it to be up for a rename, we have to prove that the name is causing problems.
07:37:04 PM Jun 19th 2011
Concerning that picture..

Aren't the eyes also a reference to Rozen Maiden?
03:33:34 PM Jun 21st 2011
the eyes, yes i also caught Ed's automail form fullmetal alchemist, Mokona and Tanpopo from xxxHolic, the headband from Naruto and a piece of paper with BECK on it

i want to get all 21! let's put our heads together!

08:42:19 AM Jun 27th 2011
edited by Sandor
What's the Darker Than Black reference? I seem to be missing it.

Edit: Disregard
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