Tropers: Stephan Reiken

Stephan Reiken, 25 year old guy, Shipper, Gamer, Lawful Good, and other things. Here is my Anime List. Which is probably out of date.

Also thanks to Enkufka for watching over. (Then again, I'm not sure if he was the original vandal :P)

I wasn't :p

Hydrall is struck by a wall of indecipherable text. Bwagha?!

That was actually a mod from minecraft's error log, I needed somewhere to put it to show the mod's creator and then never took it down :P. ~ StephanReiken

I came by here to post this meaningless comment as a contribution to vandalism. Yep. ~ WolfMan16

One hot dose of MiKoa, comin' up! -RenaTheArchmage

(overflies the page, drops illumination flares)

Do you not love being Captain Obvious? ~theindefiniteone

Hey bro. Just passing through. You haven't seen one of my poems, have you? Ah here it is...
Steph is an awesomely cool dude,
He's rather humourous, don't you agree?
I find his avatars the opposite of crude,
And often, his remarks are good and true,
With the power of a raging sun,
And a wicked sense of fun,
Without Steph life is boring,
And I'd become a nun. - The Songseamster

I could've sworn I vandalized you before...or was that teh Alternate Dimension -raigakuren


Progress through pain! -desdendelle

It's a pleasure to meet ya! -Mokona Zero

Mistral Notes
06.Dharma Wand
Level: 65
Skills: Pha Gan Don, Me Vak Kruz, Orm Rai Kruz
Effects: None
04.Angel Chain
Level: 92
Skills: Phal Repth, Rip Maen
Effects: None
05.Shadow Robes
Level: 97
Skills: Orbi Ani Don, Orme Ani Kruz
Effects: None
05.Uber Guard
Level: 97
Skills: Ph Ani Kruz, Or Vak Rom
Effects: None
05.Denial Greaves
Level: 97
Skills: Ph Ani Zot, Me Vak Kruz
Effects: None