Stephan Reiken, 25 year old guy, Shipper, Gamer, LawfulGood, and other things. Here is my [[ Anime List]]. Which is probably out of date.

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Hey bro. Just passing through. You haven't seen one of my poems, have you? Ah here it is...\\
Steph is an awesomely cool dude,\\
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I find his avatars the opposite of crude,\\
And often, his remarks are good and true,\\
With the power of a raging sun,\\
And a wicked sense of fun,\\
Without Steph life is boring,\\
And I'd become a nun. - [[@/{{Inhopelessguy}} The Songseamster]]

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||Mistral Notes||
||06.Dharma Wand||
||Level: 65||
||Skills: PhaGan Don, MeVak Kruz, OrmRai Kruz||
||Effects: None||

||04.Angel Chain||
||Level: 92||
||Skills: Phal Repth, Rip Maen||
||Effects: None||

||05.Shadow Robes||
||Level: 97||
||Skills: OrbiAni Don, OrmeAni Kruz||
||Effects: None||

||05.Uber Guard||
||Level: 97||
||Skills: PhAni Kruz, OrVak Rom||
||Effects: None||

||05.Denial Greaves||
||Level: 97||
||Skills: PhAni Zot, MeVak Kruz||
||Effects: None||