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02:35:31 AM Jul 5th 2011
Should this only count as actual airships, not mysteriously levitating non-airship... UF Os?

Also, for the real life section, they need to put in more info on the Graf Zeppelin, 1929-1940. That shit is unreal. Three YEARS spent in the air, over a million miles, untold thousands of passengers, circumnavigated the globe in a fraction of the time it took by plane, and an expedition to the north pole. The NORTH. FREAKING. POLE. In a unmodified luxury liner! If that isn't a Cool Airship then nothing is.
09:40:40 AM Jan 17th 2012
I agree with limiting this trope to actual airships. The SHIELD Helicarrier, for example, belongs on Airborne Aircraft Carrier, not here.
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