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01:54:52 PM Feb 12th 2017
edited by Sakubara
"There is now an otaku movement to create a law barring female seiyuu from dating or marrying, even demanding that they be virgins."

IT's not that I don't believe this (I swear there should be a term for Otakus that are psychotic to the point of borderline-Stalker with a Crush when it comes to female seiyuu) ,but can I get a citation, I can't find any evidence that doesn't link back to the original article.
06:51:14 PM Apr 2nd 2013
Would Sarah Polley qualify? She was fired at Disney's request- though it was for a rather unusual cause. (She wore a peace sign to an awards ceremony during the first Persian Gulf War.)
05:05:37 AM Oct 8th 2011
This just has "Taylor Swift is an example" written over it.

Well? Does anyone know if she is?
08:28:01 PM Jun 25th 2011
"There was a story a few months ago about a teacher who was fired for having pictures of her drinking wine on Facebook. Another, more saddening story was about a woman where either her insurance or disability payments were cut off because she had depression, but had pictures posted of her having fun on Facebook."

The first story here fits the trope fine. The second one is related to the first story, but doesn't have much to do with Contractual Purity (Contractual Depression?). Anyone object if I remove it?
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