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12:29:52 AM Oct 19th 2011
Would this be an example:
Alice: I take back everything I said about you Bob!
Bob: I've been here for two days. What sorts of things did you say?
10:54:09 PM May 21st 2011
edited by TwinBird
I deleted the real-life "examples" of "does this make me look fat?" and "you're like a brother to me," because

  1. The first, at least, is only tangentially related at all.
  2. We've already got tropes for both of them.
  3. They're general categories, which usually aren't worth adding examples for.
  4. They're old jokes more than they are real-life phenomena, honestly.
  5. The first is a bit sexist, and the second somewhat implies stalking.
  6. They'd both accumulated boatloads of Natter - not generally a reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater, but there's not much of a baby here.
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