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09:30:20 AM Apr 24th 2010
edited by cynwakefield
This is a really, really terrible name for this trope — it's not even from a FAMOUS line from the Trope Namer, just a random aside in dialogue.

How about "Unusually Uninteresting Outfit"?
06:38:12 PM Oct 2nd 2012
I agree that the trope should be renamed to make more sense, but your name suggestion doesn't indicate that the trope is about time travel.
06:52:09 AM Apr 4th 2013
"Acceptable Anachronistic Accoutrements" might work, it's both a little more broad and has some alliteration and similar flow to "Unusually Uninteresting Outfit." Plus the [[sesquipedalian loquaciousness]] is still in keeping with that Whovian spirit of the original [[Trope Namer]].
10:20:09 AM Jan 23rd 2014
I know it's been a long time, but I'll have to agree with the motion to rename this trope. I read this trope name and thought it meant Differently Dressed Duplicates.
10:43:44 AM Jan 23rd 2014
This is a so-so name, and I would concur with a rename. That said, a rename motion will have to be offered in the Trope Repair Shop forum.
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