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  • This is justified, actually. Before filming Paramount had non-Trek actors walk around San Francisco in costumes. Nobody noticed.

In this example, were the Star Trek actors (and the non-Trek actors before them) in generic weird costumes, or in Star Trek uniforms? If they were in Star Trek uniforms, Celebrity Paradox would prevent this from meaning anything—in real life people would ignore uniforms because they're familiar with them from Star Trek, while charcters in the show won't get this benefit.

I might be having a critical research failure, but I've read a lot about U-boats and I don't recall anything about their captains wearing black leather jackets. Or seen a photo of any U-boat crews so dressed. Black leather was quite common amongst RAF pilots though.

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  • In a story this troper wrote, the time traveler was wearing a baseball cap that said "NASA". An adult chided her for spelling NACA wrong.
    • It's kind of a nerd joke.
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