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11:58:15 PM Oct 27th 2014
I was wondering, the glitch in Civ 1 that causes Ghandi's non-agression value to roll over to -255, does that count?
12:42:46 AM Oct 28th 2014
Seems like. I dunno what "Civ 1" is.
08:23:35 AM Oct 28th 2014
Cap generally refers to something that can increment.

If you're referring to Sid Meyer's: Civilization, that's more like something hardcoded rather than something that can increment. If anything, it's a programming mistake by setting something too low (e.g. to 1), and not realizing that it gets a temporary modifier later.

01:36:30 AM Apr 14th 2012
edited by benenator
This article is ridiculously long — 35 pages, according to Firefox's Print Preview. The RPG section's length is especially Egregious, and it's not even NEAR complete. (And probably never can be.)

Perhaps the sections should be converted into folders? I don't know that it's so long as to require subpages, yet — although if that's done, I'd suggest putting the Final Fantasy games in a folder of their own.

08:25:52 AM Nov 27th 2010
Cap, as in lid of or covering of— More of a stretch to associate it as an abbreviation of capacity.

And yes, the word for a hat that is a cap is related to the fact that as staying more true to the word it simply form fits the head rather than expressing a style of any specific fashion.

"Word Origin & History

Cap O.E. cppe "hood, head-covering," from L.L. cappa "a cape, hooded cloak,"... late 14c. Of cap-like coverings on the ends of anything (e.g. hub-cap ) from mid-15c..."

Also the root word of capital (head of state). It all apparently comes from the proto indo european word kaput(implied head).

05:03:30 AM Jan 10th 2012
"Cap" already has the definition of "an artificial upper limit or ceiling," so I edited the strange conjecture.

What's also worrying is that at the beginning of the explanation we have
Nor [is cap] the shorthand for "capture"
and then at the end end we have
In gaming, 'cap' can also stand for 'capture' or 'capturing'. But that's not important right now.
I'll try to think of a way to combine the two; I'm just wary of ruining someone's joke.
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