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06:02:23 AM Sep 10th 2012
This was listed in the Comics section: not sure what work it comes from.

  • Han Solo laments after Chewbacca's death that he never told his best friend that he loved him.
    "I love you, Chewie." I should have told him that myself! He saved my children! He was always there for them, he died for them! And I never told him.
06:36:42 AM May 27th 2012
edited by Telcontar
The custom title request for it to always be "Cannot Spit It Out" is because "Cannot Spit It Out" has a different meaning. The first means more that they are unable to spit it out; the second means more that they are unwilling to spit it out but perfectly capable of doing so.
01:07:22 AM Apr 24th 2010
Morgan Wick: The Real Life section seems to mostly be Troper Tales.
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