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11:36:35 PM Feb 2nd 2014
Here's an item for the Trivia section of this page: the term "posh", meaning "rich", "upper-class", or "expensive", originated as an acronym—Port Outbound, Starboard Home—that was a rule of thumb for Victorian ladies to keep from getting tanned when traveling to and from "The Colonies", because being pale meant that you were idle rich (i.e. not having to work out in the sun, which caused freckles and tanning, both indicating 'working class' status).
02:11:21 PM May 4th 2011
edited by Bluesqueak
Red hair is associated with being Irish in the UK? Since when? Red head=Irish is very much a US thing; red heads are so spread over the UK that there's no big assumption that a red head must be Irish. Because they're probably not.
02:59:50 PM May 10th 2011
Anyway, I've now deleted the 'in the UK' part. I'm not entirely sure about prejudice about red-heads being linked with Irishness anywhere, but since I'm not over-familiar with Hollywood in-fighting I've left it in. However, the Irish Diaspora Research Unit thinks there's no link. See http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/6725653.stm
07:18:42 AM Oct 18th 2011
There's no redhead=irish therefore prejudice in the UK but pale redhead=probably has Irish or Scottish family is definitely there. Still makes sense to remove in the UK as that implies the irishness is the causing factor.
05:00:33 AM Aug 2nd 2013
Also related, the Burn Notice example. Any real Irishwoman? I live in Ireland and I know plenty of girls that do take the sun well and during the summer when temperatures do get up to about 30 degrees, walk around not looking like overgrown lobsters. The troper who added that example probably assumes that all Irish people have red hair and pale skin. Plus Gabrielle Anwar herself is British and from the same climate as Ireland so...
12:01:50 PM May 30th 2010
"lead and arsenic based make up" isn't really Too Dump To Live, as ancient people didn't know about their toxicity, so I removed the remark.
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