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02:26:47 PM Mar 28th 2016
Well, I found that someone has already made an independent page for Video Games here. So, should we start moving stuff to that page now?
11:13:30 PM May 31st 2015
"no employer would consider them a necessary sacrifice for sanity."

I can't understand what this is supposed to mean at all.
03:33:55 AM Jun 1st 2015
I can't tell either. Might want to zap that.
02:38:42 PM Oct 14th 2014
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Do Let's Play creators have a place here, or does it fall under NRLEP as well?
12:34:02 AM Oct 15th 2014
Creators as in the personas they play in the Let's Play? These are characters.
04:06:14 PM Jul 12th 2014
Where are the real life examples???
11:45:12 PM Jul 12th 2014
They were cut in the No Real Life Examples, Please! thread.
11:02:07 PM Jan 21st 2014
Should Henry Ford be an example? I don't see how virulent Anti-Semitism and support for Nazism is an eccentricity.
11:57:21 PM Jan 21st 2014
Aye, that is not an example.
10:10:40 AM Oct 28th 2013
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Does, or perhaps more accurately, should this trope require that the character would be fired if not for their competence? Going by what examples we have now, both Alice, who is notorious for spraying her co-workers and superiors with a super-soaker when they least expect it, and Bob who talks with a fake accent qualify as examples, though George Jetson Job Security aside, Alice is the only one who would be fired for her quirk if she wasn't so competent.
04:54:29 AM Oct 24th 2011
Wouldn't Sheldon be a AvertedTrope aversion of that trope? I must confess i'm not a big fan of the show (actually, I have a growing dislike for it), but as far as I know, Sheldon got fired because of his attitude and not only wasn't hired by another univerity/institute, but only got his job back by begging. Also, although is implied he is a genius on his field, it doesn't seem he has that much recognition on it.

So, I can only assume two possibilities: 1 - He is not as intelligent as implied. 2 - His quirks are not compensated by his intelligence.

In either way, he wouldn't be a Bunny Ears Lawyer.
07:48:31 PM Jan 12th 2012
Since no one said nothing, I posted an observation on Sheldon's note. Let's see how this will turn out.
07:53:50 AM Feb 3rd 2012
I'ts been a while and no one contested it. I'm changing Sheldon's case as an aversion.
10:21:13 PM Apr 24th 2011
' The Bunny-Ears Lawyer might not answer unless addressed as "Grand Duchess Abigail Chester Wilson Snapdragon Lemmywinks Brian Brain Mc Fisticuffs the Negative 10th." '

Is this based on an actual quote or something, cos I distinctly remember the words 'Chester' 'Snapdragon' 'Mc Fisticuffs' from Whose Line Is It Anyway?.
02:07:47 AM Jul 31st 2010
Why can't we just call this trope Quirky But Competent? That sounds a lot easier to understand at the first glance. Besides, the title makes it sounds like it has to do with deskworkers, teachers, lawyers, and professors, while it can be applied to any profession, like ninjas.
08:20:19 AM Sep 1st 2010
edited by TrevMUN
I don't see the point in renaming it. The fact you easily named a whole bunch of professions other than lawyers is why; the name of this trope is easy enough to understand, especially when they see the example image. Yes, it's a reference to a character from Boston Legal, but unlike other tropes that had to be renamed, this one isn't using a specific name or place from a series in its title, just a concept. One that's pretty easy to get.

On the other hand, I think the trope introduction is suffering from a case of Wiki Schizophrenia:

"Of course, in the real world, such people are usually kept under far too much scrutiny to complete the programs that would get them into such a position, but fortunately, in TV Land There Are No Therapists to do that. Of course, the scrutinizers themselves sometimes ignore quirks that have no relevance to the completion of a program or degree, even in Real Life. While you are unlikely to see something as extreme as a Bunny Ears wearing lawyer, there is a truth that many employees survive because of this."

It comes across like this:

"Of course, this kind of thing is impossible in reality! Tropes Are Bad, don'chaknow? Therapists swiftly weed out anyone who's even somewhat quirky—oh wait no! Of course, I'm completely wrong! There's plenty of competent quirky people in real life!"

Now, just picture Trope-tan saying all that in a Valley Girl voice.

I ... think I'll go take care of that.
01:05:31 PM Nov 26th 2012
I think the fact that it comes from a reference to a specific character is part of the name's weakness. First of all, sorry, but it's an obscure reference. Second, the name implies that's it's a lawyer trope, or that the character is like a lawyer, but it's completely unrelated. The fact that dRoy was able to name abcxyz is in spite of the terrible name, the name does not reinforce the trope, and does not override fact.
05:02:07 PM May 23rd 2014
I am with the OP. The trope name and image come from a source that's not widely known and hence lack sufficient support for the idea.
01:39:31 AM May 24th 2014
No, because they do in and of themselves tell a lot even if you don't know their origin. Also, any rename would be Trope Repair Shop business.
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