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04:02:56 AM Dec 4th 2011
  • In Trickster's Choice, Aly mentions weapons in hidden storerooms under the stables. Lokeij says he has the stables watched all the time, and there's no way Aly could have known about them. Aly replies "I didn't know until now."

I moved the above to You Just Told Me and out of this section.
08:05:04 PM Nov 8th 2011
We don't depend on the reader following an external link. Please see How to Write an Example.

Real Life
05:37:17 PM Mar 25th 2010
edited by Twilightdusk
I might be misremembering, but I remember the last line of that Terminator quote being:

The Terminator: (impersonating John's voice) Hey mom, how's wolfie?
With the fake mother replying along the lines of "Wolfie's fine dear." Can anyone else remember this? because I don't trust my memory enough to go through with the edit.
03:14:22 PM Mar 12th 2010
A lot of these examples don't seem to fit, there are a lot of impostors being asked questions because they are under suspicion.
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